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Feel in your power yet? 
We are approaching the First Quarter Moon and will be feeling its effects all weekend.


The last two weeks called for deep introspection on who we truly are and who truly are deemed worthy to be a part of the vision we have created for ourselves. READ MORE

Revelations, Revelations, Revelations, Revelations... This New Moon in Taurus is all about revelations and making changes, despite how long you’ve been holding on to certain ways of being. This is about a change in your moral code and what you value. It’s time to live up to righteous principles. READ MORE

These next planetary transits are going to shake up our current standings.

5/6 North Node in Gemini says it’s time to switch things up. Get back to school and socializing. Interact with your neighbors. READ MORE

Pluto in Scorpio generation will find this hard to deal with. That’s when they’ll realize they’re getting older.  READ MORE

Happy Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! This New Moon is bringing intense focused energy to go after our goals. READ MORE

Connect to the all creative source of life. Express your truth. Take a stance against injustice. Check yourself before the Universe does. Let go of your immature expressions and expectations. READ MORE




At the moment you were born, all of the planets were in a rare formation that will never exist again in all of history. That formation is called your birth chart or ‘natal chart’. The natal chart tells a story of the soul and it is the unique energy field which you carry throughout your life.  


 Kateria Manning and Darryn LaMonte


Why is it important to learn Astrology

The study of Astrology is vital in this day and age, because, Astrology is ruled by the sign Aquarius and this is the age of Aquarius. The wisest thing one can do is be of and know the time he is in. Astrology is the study of the planets and constellations affects and influence on Earth.

The age of Aquarius is quite

unpredictable, chaotic, ever

changing, miraculous, yet, can

be quite cruel. Knowing Astrology

can help you become aware of

changes in your life before they

happen, for you to be better prepared and to understand the message the Universe is aiming to convey to you. Knowing Astrology is like having a map, forecast or blueprint to your life. Like knowing the weather to plan your day accordingly, Astrology helps you plan your life.

Feel in your power yet? 
We are approaching the First Quarter Moon and will be feeling its effects all weekend.

In week one we will explore Astrology from its infancy to modern day Astrology. Past civilizations which laid the foundation for modern Astrology (Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Greek and Romans).

Astrology is the study of the movement of the luminaries (SUN and MOON) and the affects they and the... more 

5 reasons to learn Astrology with mentors instead of on your own:

1. Bypass mistakes, learn how to read charts correctly 

2. Get complex questions answered clearly and directly 

3. You will learn the science a lot faster

4. Being able to speak with someone who is just as passionate as you on the subject keeps you motivated 

5. Like with any subject, having a mentor/ teacher opens your mind to new facets of the subject you didn’t know existed

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Never be afraid of any planetary rotation. Every aspect or planetary alignment has its highs and lows. The more pure you are in heart and spirit, dictates how the shifts of the cosmos are going to respond to you.  more

ASTRO-LOGIC's Advanced Astrology Course is for

Intermediate- Advanced Astrologers/ Astrologists. 

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Oct. 2, 2019.

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Feel in your power yet? 
We are approaching the First Quarter Moon and will be feeling its effects all weekend.

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