to view the Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses signify fated events and major life changing circumstances in our lives.

A 6 Nights stay in Chile

The Solar Eclipse on December 14th, 2020, will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Areas of our charts where the mutable signs(Gemini , Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) lie, will be affected by this Eclipse. This Eclipse is quite significant because it’s a South Node, New Moon Eclipse. It’s breaking down old philosophies, religious beliefs, and ways in which we may over stress ourselves, while bringing in new philosophies, walks of spirituality, travel ventures, luck, joy, higher education, divine wisdom and abundant blessings.

Where The Miracles of The Universe Activate

A True Alignment With The Stars

Experience the most beautiful site Earth offers us. Viewing a Total Solar or Total Lunar Eclipse. Have you ever experienced such beauty?

Eclipses are not just beautiful, they are monolithic moments for the mind, soul, and life experience.

Venture with Astrologic to the most monumental places, providing the most optimal viewing of the Total Eclipse.

Eclipse Chasers Retreat

Full Payment 

Two Payments 

Three Payments 

Down Payment

Beautiful Endings For Powerful Beginnings!

Your soul has been waiting for this. What a way to fortify your existence. You deserve it. Elevation is where? Elevation is here!





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On our Astrologic Eclipse Chasers retreat we’re heading to the enchanting, mystical, beautiful land of Chile! We’re connecting with nature in the deepest way for our souls to feel and receive the bliss this Eclipse is bringing into our lives.

The climate along the 2020 eclipse track is largely controlled by three factors: the large sub-tropical high-pressure systems (anticyclones) over the South Pacific and South Atlantic, the cold Humboldt Current along the coast of Chile, and the 3 to 4-km-high Andes Mountain barrier that creates a vast rain shadow over much of south central Argentina.

December 9th - 16th, 2020

The path of the lunar shadow in 2020 brings eclipse seekers back to Chile and Argentina for another shadow crossing less than 18 months after that of 2019, but this time it comes in the Southern Hemisphere summer and at a location 1000 km to the south.  

Transform Through The Dance of The Cosmos

* 6 nights stay in a lavish retreat space
* Food and beverage for the duration of the trip
* Tours through Chile
* Deep Astrological discussions and seminars
* In-depth information on the workings of the North and South Nodes you won’t find on Google
* Camaraderie with other like minds
* Interactive workshop to open and access your Pineal Gland
* Advanced Predictive Astrology reading, by two expert Astrologers
* Direct Total Solar Eclipse viewing

What you will receive:

Kateria Knows

Prepare to Activate Your Cosmic Mind

Maximize the blessings of this Eclipse by joining Kateria Knows and Darryn LaMonte, as they take you on a monumental adventure to the mountain tops of Chile, while teaching you the ways of the Cosmos.

Darryn LaMonte

Client Reviews:

“I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.” -Tiffany Summers

“Kateria Knows and Darryn LaMonte have saved and changed my life!” -Michael Brown

“The way you both explain the workings of Astrology and how the eclipses affect our lives is otherworldly.” - Brenda Samuels

“When you align with the stars, you live a life of a Heavenly existence.” - Kateria Knows

Reward Your Soul.

Reward Your Soul.

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