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What Will I Learn In Astrology 1-ON-1?

1 on 1 Personalized Astrology Lessons. Astrology 1 on 1 focuses on you, and exactly what you want to learn in Astrology. 


Customize your lesson plan. Choose 3 topics you want to learn and I will organize a study plan for you. 


Here is a list of a variety of lessons to choose from. Also, feel free to choose any Astrology topics you want to learn, that are not listed here:


  • UNDERSTAND YOUR BIRTH CHART: Learn fundamental, comprehensive techniques to understanding and reading your birth chart.


  • THE NODES (NORTH/RAHU& SOUTH/KETU): Lifepath and purpose. Get a comprehensive understanding of the North and South Nodes. Learn why they’re important and get insight into how all nodal polarities work in a natal chart.

  • PLANETS IN RETROGRADE: With the exception of the sun and moon, all planets and the nodes retrograde. You will learn what retrograde motion is and what it means for each of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).

  • CHART INTERPRETATION: You will be given an opportunity to test what you know in reading Astrology charts. We will uncover several delineations for Astrological alignments.

  • RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY: SYNASTRY & COMPATIBILITY: This class will introduce you to everyone's favorite astrological subject, relationships. You will learn to identify attraction potential based on the planetary aspects and the angles of the charts.

  • ASTROCARTOGRAPHY: This lesson teaches you the Astrology of different geographical regions and how where you live or visit can affect, benefit, or hinder your life.

  • PLANETS: Learn the character traits, rulership, and function of the planets.

  • THE HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY: Get these questions answered: What are the houses? What do they mean? How do they work?

  • ASPECTS: This lesson will take you on a dance of the planets. The conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, and opposition.

  • TRANSITS: Learn when planets are in motion. How they affect the current world and your life. 

  • LUNATION: This lesson takes you on a journey through the flow of the Moon. Learn the Moon phases and how to benefit from them.

  • SOLAR/LUNAR RETURN INTERPRETATIONS: Yearly and monthly predictions. This class will teach you what solar and lunar return charts are. You will learn how to read them. They are great predictive tools.

  • DARK MOON LILITH, FIXED STARS AND ASTEROIDS: Receive insight on the characteristics and functions of all 12 Lilith placements. Learn the major asteroids, main fixed stars and how they affect your chart.

  • CYCLES/ RATES OF MOTION: In this class you will learn the mathematical, orbital flow of the planets. This information helps with predictions and casting charts without the internet.

  • TROPICAL VS SIDEREAL ASTROLOGY: You will learn the similarities and differences between the two zodiacal systems and a brief introduction to 13 sign Astrology.

  • DECANS, DEGREES AND EPHEMERIS: In this class you will learn What decans are, how they are determined and an examination of the ephemeris, Astrology calendar.