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Meet The Astrologer

 Kateria Knows


My name is Kateria Typhani Manning. I'm a California resident, and mother of two. I've been a student of Astrology for over 22 years and have been in the professional world of Astrology for 9 years.


Ever since I stumbled upon Astrology at a very tender age I was absolutely fascinated! I couldn't keep a book out of my hands. I was always intrigued by the way people acted the way they did, and I wanted to know why my personality was so different from others and why certain personalities clicked, while others didn't. Astrology was the holder of the key.


I am largely self taught, although I attended the Academy of Cozmo- physics, a school of astrology. I studied under  Ra'Akhu Ra D'Cozmophyxian, founder of Cozmophysics, who took my understanding of Astrology to a more advanced level. I teach Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Astrology, and I'm currently obtaining ministerial degrees, Masters in Metaphysics and Doctorates in Para-Psychology.


I primarily use the Tropical Zodiac but I also use Sidereal charts as well. I specialize in life path and purpose, health and wellness, natal/ birth charts, compatibility and relationships, predictive Astrology and more. I see myself as a spiritual life coach. I interpret the messages from spirit and the Universe and convey them to you. The Universe doesn't speak English, it speaks experience. I translate it's messages in a way they're more easily understood. But, let me say, I'm not an easy coach. I'm here to help you change your life, and oftentimes that takes tough love. I don't sugarcoat anything, sugar ain't good for you anyway.


Astrology is the study of Heavens influence upon the Earth. A knower of it leads a life of a Heavenly existence. -Kateria

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