What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the movement of the luminaries (SUN and MOON) and the effects they and the relative position of the planets affect the human affairs and natural world alike. Astrology is a calculative

science. Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships between luminaries and planets which can be used for timing potential events or to find meaning in life

Astrology is 360 degrees.

Astrology is the number 12,

twelve signs of the zodiac,

twelve months in the year.

Astrology is our seasons,

Aries begins the first day of spring,

Cancer begins the first day of summer,

Libra begins the first day of autumn,

Capricorn begins the first day of winter.

Nature awakes from its winter slumber in March.

With inspiration from fiery Aries, seeds germinate and


Its springtime!

Aries inspired winds change course and direction bringing life giving rain to the earth.

Astrology is a tool used billionaires.

Why else are they in the right place

at the right time.

Astrology is a science...

the oldest science...

Before there was any ology,

there was astrology.

Astrology is a cosmic clock.

Astrologers have learned to tell cosmic time

through understanding planetary alignment.

Astrology is a lamp to our feet,

astrology illuminates our path!

Astrology can show us the best and worst times

for everything.

The best time to search for work and play,

the best time to write,

the best time to date,

the best time to pro-create.

The best time to grow corn,

the best time to toot your own horn.

Astrology is your personal cosmic fingerprint.

We all have a birth-chart and no two are the same.

The universe is in constant motion.

At that first breathe you take,

you inhale your basic personality, character and persona.

Astrology is nursery rhymes.

Star light,

star bright, the first star I see tonight...

This little rhyme is a prayer to Jupiter,

the planet of Good Fortune.

Astrology is in Walt Disney.

When you wish upon a star,

makes no difference who you are,

everything your heart desires will come to you.

This is an appeal to the blessings of Venus.

Astrology is life...

Fire, earth, air and water.

moods change during overcast and cloudy days,

Energy is low, you can't feel the Sun's rays

Breathe without oxygen...Can't happen.

Growth without soil, water and light. Yeah right.

Earth helps to create the air we breathe.

Who says they can survive and drought?

There is no life if water they go without.

Astrology is religion mother and father of religion.

Astrology can help you find God in you!

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