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The Aquarian Age and Quantum Computing

The Aquarian Age and Quantum Computing

By Ascorpio

“…in front of Wall Street and the financial district in New York, we have the presence of the Wall Street Bull! (Taurus)”

This probably sounds like a very intimidating subject, but I assure you that it’s not.  Think about the Jetson’s long ago as a cartoon and look 30 years later.  Remember Knight Rider and KITT?  Shortly thereafter we had talking cars, but look now, we have automated cars about to go on the market massively.  Those were all huge leaps in technology, which is ruled by Aquarius and Uranus. 

While those were leaps, Quantum Computing makes technological leaps like traveling deep space, transporting and being in multiple places at once (assisted with technology), a common conscious reality at the maximum-- to 3D printing, common knowledge in robotics or simply shredding the popular definition of what normal is at the minimum.  Quantum computing is going to change the way we think daily and the way that we exist.   Both the highs and lows become extreme and pioneering.  A precursor to what’s coming are examples like Aquarian Galileo, as Shango shakes up the earth by a mere mumble.

Now days, we are sometimes guilty of only looking at Aquarius from a Uranian Rulership.  However, we must equally look at and never forget the Saturn connection to Aquarius.  Though extreme, Aquarius is not a destructive “just to be reckless” vibration.  When it tears down structures and ideals, it does so to replace them with what it views as more advanced structures and ideals.

Aquarius is the air that gives life to water; it is the same air that gives fire longevity.  It is the logic in watery emotions, and it is the Aspiration in our Passions.  The Aquarian Age is preparing the technology (mind and tools) for a civil structure that becomes very disciplined.  Although this kingdom will not be solidified until the Capricornian Age, the wiring and technological topography is being laid out now in this Air age of Aquarius.  Following transit Uranus through the signs will give indications of areas that will be affected as we travel on our journey.  As mentioned before, we must equally follow the transit patterns of Saturn.

Uranus current placement in Taurus speak towards the value system (which includes the financial systems) being developed in a manner that will continue to provide building material for the next age to come.  Each time until the next age that Uranus goes over the Taurus point, these matters will receive additional layers of clothing until perfected (for the Capricornian age).  [No worries, we have over 2,000 years to get ready] 

We learn cycles by studying the past occurrences.  Let’s look at the last time Uranus was in Taurus and what took place:  1934 is our working year. 

Adolph Hitler assumes the role of Fuhrer and Chancellor of Germany.  The argument he used was a greatly about the financial institutions.

Gold Reserve Act of 1934 enacted by Franklin D. Roosevelt (This made owning gold restricted and illegal to a degree up until roughly 1974)

Securities Exchange Commission Act (SEC) (Monitor and controlling the markets)

Great Depression hits rock bottom in the United States

First major strike recorded in the US

John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson are famous Bank Robbers and it comes to a head.

While in the same spirit, today we see the financial system in Britain undergoing a major change in leaving the EU and other recurring examples, I think the advances and disruptions are more in the area of establishing our values in how and what we pay for our technological usage.  (Reminder, in front of Wall Street and in the financial district in New York, we have the presence of the Wall Street Bull! [Taurus]) Once Uranus moves into Gemini, we will see rapid advancements in the fruits of Quantum Computing.

For those who are responsible for technological security, now is the time to begin preparing for the encryptions the will be rendered meaningless in the Quantum Computing era.

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