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This book tries to explain how minds work. How can intelligence emerge from nonintelligence? To answer that, we'll show that you can build a mind from many little parts, each mindless by itself. I'll call "Society of Mind" this scheme in which each mind is made of many smaller processes. These we'll call agents. Each mental agent by itself can only do some simple thing that needs no mind or thought at all. Yet when we join these agents in societies-in certain very special ways-this leads to true intelligence. There's nothing very technical in this book. It, too, is a society-of many small ideas. Each by itself is only common sense, yet when we join enough of them we can explain the strangest mysteries of mind. One trouble is that these ideas have lots of cross-connections. My explanations rarely go in neat, straight lines from start to end. I wish I could have lined them up so that you could climb straight to the top, by mental stair-steps, one by one. lnstead they're tied in tangled webs. Perhaps the fault is actually mine, for failing to find a tidy base of neatly ordered principles. But I'm inclined to lay the blame upon the nature of the mind: much of its power seems to stem from just the messy ways its agents cross-connect. If so, that complication can't be helped; it's only what we must expect from evolution's countless tricks. What can we do when things are hard to describe? We start by sketching out the roughest shapes to serve as scaffolds for the rest; it doesn't matter very much if some of those forms turn out partially wrong. Next, draw details to give these skeletons more lifelike flesh. Last, in the final filling-in, discard whichever first ideas no longer fit. That's what we do in real life, with puzzles that seem very hard. [t's much the same for shattered pots as for the cogs of great machines. Until you've seen some of the rest, you can't make sense of any part. I.I THE AGENTS OF THE MIND Good theories of the mind must span at least three different scales of time: slow, for the billion years in which our brains have evolved; fast, for the fleeting weeks and months of infancy and childhood; and in between, the centuries of growth of our ideas through history. To explain the mind, we have to show how minds are built from mindless stuff, from parts that are much smaller and simpler than anything we'd consider smart. Unless we can explain the mind in terms of things that have no thoughts or feelings of their own, we'll only have gone around in a circle. But what could those simpler particles be-the "agents" that compose our minds? This is the subject of our book, and knowing this, let's see our task. There are many questions to answer. Function: How do agents work? Embodiment: What are they made of? Interaction: How do they communicate? Origins: Where do the first agents come from? Heredity: Are we all born with the same agents? Learning: How do we make new agents and change old ones? Character: What are the most important kinds of agents? Authority: What happens when agents disagree? Intention: How could such networks want or wish? Competence: How can groups of agents do what separate agents cannot do? Selfiness: What gives them unity or personality? Meaning: How could they understand anything? Sensibility: How could they have feelings and emotions? Awareness: How could they be conscious or self-aware? How could a theory of the mind explain so many things, when every separate question seems too hard to answer by itself? These questions all seem difficult, indeed, when we sever each one's connections to the other ones. But once we see the mind as a society of agents, each answer will illuminate the rest. ​ There is no singularly real world of thought; each mind evolves its own internal universe. The worlds of thought that we appear to like the best are those where goals and actions seem to mesh in regions large enough to spend our lives in-and thus become a Buddhist, or Republican, oi poet, oi topologist. Some mental starting points grow into gteat, coherent continents. In certain parts of mathematics, science, and philosoPhy, a relatively few but clear ideas may lead into an endless realm of complex yet consistent new structures. Yet even in mathematics, a handful of seemingly innocent rules can lead to complications far beyond our grasp. Thus we feel we understand perfectly the rules of addition and multiplication-yet when iye mix them together, we encounter problems about prime numbers that have remained unsolved for centuries. Minds also make up pleasant worlds of practical affairs-which work because we make them work, by putting things in order there. In the physical realm, we keep our books and clothes in self-made shelves and cabinets-thus building artificial boundaries to keep our things from interacting very much. Similarly, in mental realms, we make up countless artificial schemes to force things to seem orderly, by specifying legal codes, grammar rules and traffic laws. When growing up in such a world, it all seems right and natural-and only scholars and historians iecall the mass of precedents and failed experiments it took to make it work so well. These "natural" worlds are actually more complex than the technical worlds of philosophy. They're far too vast to comprehend-except where we impose on them the rules we make. There is also a different and more sinister way to make the world seem orderly, in which the mind has merely found a way to simplify itself. This is what we must suspect whenever some idea seems to explain too much. Perhaps no problem was actually solved at all; instead, ihe mind has merely found some secondary pathway in the brain, through which one can mechanically dislodge each doubt and difference from its rightful place! This may be what happens in some of those experiences that leave a person with a sense of revelation-in a state in which no doubts remain, or with a vision of astounding clarity-yet unable to recount any details. Some accident of mental stress has temporarily suppressed the capacity to question, doubt, or probe. One remembers that no questions went unanswered but forgets that none were asked! One can acquire certainty only by amputating inquiry. When victims of these incidents become compelled to recapture them, their lives and person* alities are sometimes permanently changed. Then others, seeing the radiance in their eyes and hearing of the glory to be found, are drawn to follow them. But to offer hospitality to paradox is like leaning toward a precipice. You can find out what it is like by falling in, but you may not be able to fall out again. Once contradiction finds a home, few minds can spurn the sense destroying force of slogans such as "all is one." ​

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the movement of the luminaries (SUN and MOON) and the effects they and the relative position of the planets affect the human affairs and natural world alike. Astrology is a calculative science. Astrology is the study of patterns and relationships between luminaries and planets which can be used for timing potential events or to find meaning in life Astrology is 360 degrees. Astrology is the number 12, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve months in the year. Astrology is our seasons, Aries begins the first day of spring, Cancer begins the first day of summer, Libra begins the first day of autumn, Capricorn begins the first day of winter. Nature awakes from its winter slumber in March. With inspiration from fiery Aries, seeds germinate and sprout. Its springtime! Aries inspired winds change course and direction bringing life giving rain to the earth. Astrology is a tool used billionaires. Why else are they in the right place at the right time. Astrology is a science... the oldest science... Before there was any ology, there was astrology. Astrology is a cosmic clock. Astrologers have learned to tell cosmic time through understanding planetary alignment. Astrology is a lamp to our feet, astrology illuminates our path! Astrology can show us the best and worst times for everything. The best time to search for work and play, the best time to write, the best time to date, the best time to pro-create. The best time to grow corn, the best time to toot your own horn. Astrology is your personal cosmic fingerprint. We all have a birth-chart and no two are the same. The universe is in constant motion. At that first breathe you take, you inhale your basic personality, character and persona. Astrology is nursery rhymes. Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight... This little rhyme is a prayer to Jupiter, the planet of Good Fortune. Astrology is in Walt Disney. When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, everything your heart desires will come to you. This is an appeal to the blessings of Venus. Astrology is life... Fire, earth, air and water. moods change during overcast and cloudy days, Energy is low, you can't feel the Sun's rays Breathe without oxygen...Can't happen. Growth without soil, water and light. Yeah right. Earth helps to create the air we breathe. Who says they can survive and drought? There is no life if water they go without. Astrology is religion mother and father of religion. Astrology can help you find God in you!

Spiritual Growth

With spirituality, we designate our relationship with the spiritual world, i.e. with the non incarnated world. The term spirituality has to be understood in a very broad way, it comprises our relation to invisible beings, like for example spiritual guides, non incarnated souls and other non incarnated beings. Spirituality also comprises questions about the meaning of life and about our personal attitude towards life as a whole and all its related goals and cycles. ​ Why do we show interest in spiritual growth and spiritual information? ​ According to the definition of spirituality further above, this term comprises not only religiosity of human beings but also very fundamental questions about the meaning of life in a larger context. For obvious reasons these questions have always concerned humankind and philosophy. Everybody gets confronted with these questions, at the latest on the occasion of births and deaths. Meaningful dealing with spirituality ​ Some people strictly refuse to acknowledge the existence of spiritual beings (non incarnated beings). Often, the same people dismiss anything, which has not been stringently proven according to scientific rules. They only accept a rational founded world - irrational things or concepts (e.g. the spirituality) are being suppressed and denied. By the way, these persons should also for the very same reasons deny the existence of such everyday happenings like affection, antipathy, love, hate, fear and so on. On the other hand, there are many people, who are trying to explain every little event in life with irrational, mystical explanations. Everything has been planned a long time in advance with the help of stars, karmas or whatever. Often, such persons have at least at times lost their touch to the ground and live in a different world. Their theory that everything is predetermined is not compatible with our free will: I can decide on my own whether I will watch a film at the cinema or whether I stay at home. The "stars" - or whatever higher influence they are talking about - won't push me to the cinema nor will they hold me back at home. A meaningful dealing with spirituality is of course somewhere in between these two extreme positions. It does not make sense to deny or discredit spirituality. Neither does it make sense to suppress our material (incarnated) world and to devote oneself exclusively to a spiritual world (see also further below). What is the benefit of spirituality and spiritual growth? ​ Spiritual information should serve to understand our life and our life's tasks better and thereby to achieve our purpose of life more easily. A contact to the spiritual world can be in particularly helpful to sense and confirm one's goals and tasks of life. In addition, this spiritual contact can be a tremendously important guide and assistance in our daily life. We should realize again that the purpose of our incarnation is to live in the material world, to gain some experiences and to develop some of our qualities further (personal growth ). These experiences are to be made in the material world, therefore it does not make sense and it is even counterproductive to suppress the material world, like already mentioned further above. Our qualities, which are to be developed further, are difficult or even impossible to comprehend with our rational intellect. In most cases these qualities are unconditional love, joy, self-honesty, modesty and humility. This learning process is often called spiritual growth or developing awareness (developing higher consciousness). For this learning process of concepts, which are difficult to grasp by our rational intellect, we can get very important help and assistance from the spiritual world. Therefore it does absolutely make sense to integrate the spiritual world - in other words spirituality - in our daily life. Spirituality: Information and integration in our daily life ​ From the above, it can easily be concluded that spirituality should always be integrated in our daily life, in everything we do or do not do. "Always" is to be understood as in all our decisions and deeds both in business and private life. This is in contradiction to applying or living spirituality like a leisure activity only on evenings, or for two hours on Sundays or for two weeks per year in a seminar. To integrate spirituality in the daily life is somehow similar to wearing clothing: You most likely wear clothes and make sure you are adequately dressed all day round and not just on some rare occasions. You don't walk around naked. Likewise you should try to be connected with the spiritual world all day as well in business as in private life. Of course you cannot achieve this from one day to the other - a lot of training is needed. We have already discussed in a different text that all beings on earth should respect certain cosmic laws. We have called the most important of these cosmic laws «the basic rights of existence». It states: «The basis of all life on our planet is the equal right of all beings to live here, to develop here and to carry out their tasks here». We automatically train our above mentioned qualities of unconditional love, joy, self-honesty, modesty and humility when we follow this cosmic law. In other words: The meaning of life is training the above mentioned qualities (or spiritual growth). Spiritual growth: Information from and about spiritual beings ​ There are a high number of publications and web pages about spiritual topics and there are an equally high number of publications containing information from spiritual beings, which have been received through channelling. The quality, truthfulness and reliability of such information must be assessed case by case. An universal judgement is not possible. It can be very fascinating to hear or read about the work, purpose and tasks of non incarnated beings. However for most of us, such information is useful at best for entertainment. If we, respectively our soul, wanted to learn about the interrelations in the spiritual (non incarnated) world, why then should we incarnate at all? Our soul could have stayed in the spiritual world. The interrelations of the spiritual world are certainly easier to grasp while you indeed are in the spiritual world. If you currently were in the rain forest with the goal to understand the system of the rain forest better, would you then for this purpose drive to the desert?

12 Reasons to Hire An Astrologer

Hiring an astrologer is like having a coach who can see into the future and identify times to do a host of things. Working with an astrologer in regular intervals and putting forth the necessary efforts can literally change your life in short order.

JP Morgan purportedly said, "Millionaires have no need for astrology, billionaires do."

From ancient times, Kings and Emperors held astrologers in very high esteem.

During those days, it was rare that the common man had access to a star reader.

Even Presidents, entertainers, business people and the wealth utilize astrologers services.

Today with technology and knowledge of astrology passed down over several millennia, everyone now have access to this wonderful science.

Here are 12 reasons you can benefit from
an astrologer.

1) YOU HAVE GOALS-An astrologer can assist you in achieving goals. Planetary alignment can show idea times for working on goals and can give you a realistic period of time when said goal can be reached.

2) FIND YOUR LIFE PATH-Are you on a path that is right for you? Are you happy? Is your relationship harmonious? When opportunities come, so you take advantage of them? Does your job bring happiness? Do you meet your challenges successfully?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, an astrologer can help you. An astrologer can help you identify and embrace your natural creativity and show ways to express it in the best way possible. Astrology can show you your challenges, why you are challenged and pinpoint actions you can take to overcome them.

2) YOU HAVE A VISION WITH NO PLAN-There are times where you may have vision or a goal, but have no clue as to how to achieve it. It is the duty of an astrologer to guide you through the steps of creating a plan of action so that you can get to where you want to be. A lot of great ideas go unrealized due to a lack of organization and clarity, and the world misses out every time.

3) YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR CAREER-Are you looking to break out of your day job and start your own business or enter a new field? An expert astrologer can give you the proper guidance, confidence and assurance you need to make that leap. An astrologer can tell you what skills and natural abilities you were born with and how to take advantage of them. If you are a "Chatty Cathy" who enjoys working with people and being on the go, isolated office work might not be for you. Planetary positions in your chart in your chart houses can describe how you can make money, your mundane duties on the job and the type of career best suited for you.

4) RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY-Astrologers can provide in-depth insight on things we need to work on to have a successful relationship. Regular sessions with an astrologer can identify your weaknesses and shortcoming in a non-judgemental way and give you insight on family, business and personal relationships.

This can help you deal with situations with grace and aplomb and create a win for you and your relationship partners.

5) IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH-Did you know your birth chart can show you chronic and acute health issues long before they manifest?

From birth, we are given clues as to the injuries, ailments, and illnesses we could encounter over the course of our life. Insight on the habits we have that affects our health can also be gained. If your health could use some attention and renovating, you may want to hire an astrologer.

6) UNDERSTANDING LIFE CYCLES-Have you noticed that each year you repeat a theme in your life around the same time every year? Perhaps every July you have a period of lack or one per year in February you experience something positive like a new profitable opportunity.

An astrologer can reveal through the many different cycles found in astrology and coach you through them. The Sun, moon, and all the planets all have unique cycles and the interplay between them can play out in our lives in predictable and identifiable periods. An examination of your birth day chart can show you the prevailing energies for the coming 12 months. These cycles play out in varying intervals. These periods can occur in increments of 29 days, 365 days, 2 years, 12 years and 29 years. Each cycle brings opportunities and cycles. Knowing when these cycles occur can put you in a position to win!

7) PROCRASTINATION-The action of delaying or postponing something is a recipe for a lack of accomplishment. Reaching goals takes discipline, action, and getting things done in a timely fashion. An astrologer can show you the reasons you stifle yourself. An astrologer can help you change limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior and bad habits of procrastinating so you can move forward and live the life you've dreamt about.

8) FEELING LOST AND CONFUSED-Astrologers make excellent a great resource to help people find their way when they feel lost and confused. Astrology can light the path out of the doldrums of life and show the way to the light. If you are at a stage in life where you don’t know who you are or what you want, working with an astrologer is the perfect starting point for your new life journey.

9) LAUNCHING A NEW PROJECT OR ENTERPRISE-As an astrologer, finding the right time period to begin a new enterprise is one of my favorite things to do for clients. The planets can identify ideal times to begin work and each step along the way, an astrologer can show you periods favorable for starting your enterprise, and when NOT to start anything new. Working against planetary energy can produce setbacks which could overturn your apple cart.

10) TIME MANAGEMENT-We live in a microwave society where everyone is busy, life is moving fast and we perceive a lack of time to get things done. An astrologer can assist you in creating a static plan of the day down to the hour that help prevent you from running around in circles while trying to accomplish your goals. The Sun, Moon and each planet have one day per week that its energy is favorable. These luminaries and planets also rule hours of a particular day. A skilled astrologer can provide you with a plan to schedule all your daily activities down to the hour and minute and this can serve to help you be for more effective with your time management.

11) KNOW THYSELF-This is probably the single most important factor in hiring an astrologer. A basic chart reading is nothing more than a blueprint showing you who you are and what you can ultimately become. There are no two birth charts alike. Through looking at the positions of the planets in your chart and the interplay between them will provide clues and insight to why you attract certain individuals, situations and circumstances and what you should learn from them. Knowing who and what you are is a primary purpose of astrology.

12) FINANCIAL PLANNING-In modern society, everyone needs money. Capitalism is on steroids today and we are all consumed with the daily rat race of making money to survive. An astrologer can show you the best and worse times to for earning and accumulating wealth, periods ideal for speculation and investing so that you can be conscious and remained focused on the prevailing energy and take advantage of it. If you are an investor, business person, already wealth or seeking to build a nest egg for retirement, an astrologer can inform you about the most effective time favorable for monetary growth. The astrologer can also show you what you should invest in and when NOT to invest make any investments at all. If any of the above sounds like you, it may be time to look into hiring an astrologer. Many of the most successful people on the planet have hired astrologers as coaches and continue to receive support from these professionals. You can only benefit from the services astrologers have to offer, and you will get to where you want to be more quickly when you have someone to lean on for friendship and guidance. -Darryn LaMonte