These next planetary transits are going to shake up our current standings.

5/6 North Node in Gemini says it’s time to switch things up. Get back to school and socializing. Interact with your neighbors.

5/7 Full Moon in Scorpio, let go of the things that are controlling you. Release all forms of sabotage. See how you’ve been psychologically manipulated. Take your power back and get your money right.

5/11 Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, the end of social distancing. Start unifying and connecting with friends. Restrictions are lifted and we feel more free. Radical changes. Businesses opening to the public. Revelations and revolutions.

5/13 Venus retrogrades in Gemini, reconciliation of relationships. Recalibration of partnerships. Getting back into social flow. Taking care of financial documents. Seeing people in person, rather than on devices. Reflections of past relationships. Hugging again!

5/23 New Moon in Gemini, Solar Eclipse, renewed environments. Fresh thoughts and thinking. New books, documentaries and information to fill your mind with better ideas. Sage parades to refresh the energy of the environment. New gadgets. Speaking from a place of caring.

6/5 Full Moon in Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse, let go of stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Travel plans activated. Release of religious dogmas. School’s out. Summer vacation. Ready for fun!

6/20 New Moon in Gemini, Being caring with your words. Protests that are heard. Relationship improvements through communication. True community building. Sage parades.

6/22 Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, no more sickness, no more diseases! No more isolation, no more fear! Vaccines being introduced. Feeling a sense of freedom. Prisoners being released.

7/1 Saturn retrograde enters Capricorn! Getting back to business. Everything is back to “normal”. More businesses open up, others close down. Some people in power lose their status.

7/5 Full Moon in Capricorn, Lunar Eclipse, industry changes. Major companies shutdown. Some companies rise to more power. Release of control. Financial payouts. People in power coming under fire. More on the Satanic rituals of the elites being exposed.

7/20 New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, a new understanding of family. Feeling truly secure. Appreciating your home land. Expressing love and care. Mentions of history and things making history.

8/8 the Sun,the Earth, and Star Sirius, the brightest star in our nighttime sky will align to bring an energetic, spiritual, and vibrational upgrade to our galaxy… The Lionsgate portal, a Galactic take over for the energy of the Divine to dominate the World.

Join us in Atlanta, Ga for a full weekend of explosive fun, & edutainment at our 4th Real Family Reunion, Return of the Gods!

Live Performances, Enlightened Speakers, Live drumming and Afrikan Dancers, Melanated Beauty, Vegan Food, Bliss, and Sooo Much More!

Revelations, Revelations, Revelations, Revelations... This New Moon in Taurus is all about revelations and making changes, despite how long you’ve been holding on to certain ways of being. This is about a change in your moral code and what you value. It’s time to live up to righteous principles.


Rebelling against the system will be deemed a righteous act. People will come to really respect those who are standing up for what’s right, to create progressive changes. More people are going to come together to end 5g, burning down, cutting down, and blowing up towers. Some city officials will take down towers in their cities.


This New Moon will show us what money Can’t buy. Money can’t buy my freedom. We will come to see how priceless our time and energy are, and stand firm in what we should truly be compensated for our efforts. Things that used to be cheap will now cost $$$. Things that were expensive will be worthless. This will affect businesses and industries, forcing major closures.


There will be great ideas that are implemented for the food shortage issues. People began working together to resolve the problem. We’ll see when we come together to tackle issues, the results will leave a lasting impact.


For the next couple of weeks we will see many changes take place. Things we would have never expected to happen will happen. There will be Earthquakes and other “natural disasters” come about. Some will crash “important” structures. We will here of some fires or explosions. Earth is going to shift land masses.


People will come to really value unity. We will see how much we can accomplish together. We come to realize we had the power all along. Earth is on our side.


Millions of people are going to make drastic changes to their diets. It’s as if their body is forcing them. Some people simply won’t have the same appetite. This will cause financial disruptions to the fast food industry, we will here about some McDonalds closing.


We will see how evil has run out of power. See how their own greed and weaknesses have turned on them and now benefit the people. Like making marijuana legal. They must release prisoners with marijuana cases.


Do you feel the changes in your body?!! You have been upgraded! Check out your new features. Time to detox from the internet and tap in to the power within, its immeasurable. This is what they wanted to stop, but, they couldn’t! Notice how your sexual appetite has changed.


More riots and protests are coming. And they will be effective. Riots involving food, land, money, business, freedom, technology and nature. People are coming to assist each other in ways we’ve yet to see.


There are going to be gatherings in parks. Parks will open by law or rebellion. Some restaurants are going to fully open on their own will.


We will here about major changes with the federal reserve and banking system. Some banks will close, new ones will open. Some currencies will officially be backed by gold. Some gold companies and other natural resource industries will increase in value. There will be inventions and innovations to agriculture. A new farming protocol will be announced.


Some major accidents are likely to happen. Internet outages are coming mid May. We can also hear about some interesting, down right shocking things about celebrities that will turn your stomach. People who are so loved, like Beyoncé. Their true agendas will be revealed. Some celebs will fight for what’s right. Some will speak about how they thought becoming rich and famous would grant them freedom, but, instead, did the complete opposite.


Many great surprises will be heard and experienced. Things of the exceptional will be lived. Outright miracles. The poor will become rich and some rich will become poor. A complete flip of the coin. A great currency exchange system will soon ensue.


More great things will be revealed people. Do all that you can to live up to your truth, your worth, your highest standards. Take most of your time today to get off the internet and unplug your WiFi. Fast on all liquids, put your bare feet on the Earth, sit out in the Sun, like a plant, and get these downloads.


Value your individuality. Value your freedom. Let your temple be free of toxicity of all forms. Let go of your biases. See humanity as one. Know that Astrology is the true voice of the Great Creator. See how magnificently it governs this plane. It works in our favor, for our true Liberation!                              -Kateria Knows

The last two weeks called for deep introspection on who we truly are and who truly are deemed worthy to be a part of the vision we have created for ourselves. We’ve been called to clear out people who do not and projects that do not replicate our true worth and value. We’re keeping close to those who do, with a healthy sense of attachment/ detachment.


The energy of the Fall Equinox shifted our lives in deep, spiritual, or even dramatic/ traumatic ways. Many of us were called to take breaks from our hectic lives and schedules to focus on spiritual maintenance. Everything could have felt as though it was flipped and turned up side down, but only for us to align with things that and people who reflect our life’s purpose.


Last week’s first Quarter Moon conjoined the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto. This energy resurrected experiences from the eclipses that took place this July. Harsh truths and reality checks were tough to accept and swallow. It gave us the realization of what we’re responsible for and what we’re not. Today’s Full Moon in Aries has us feeling a lot stronger and focused, prepared to cut off anything that doesn’t serve our higher calling.

The Full Moon in Aries shows us where we push ourselves too much, or not enough. Many could have felt out right exhausted, leading up to the Full Moon. Allow this Full Moon to surcharge you into wrapping up final details as we move deeper into the fall season. The Aries Full Moon calls us to be direct and to stop being nice for the sake of keeping peace. Sometimes it takes war to get to peace. We’re called to speak up to make things just.

This Full Moon will help us to let go of any pent up anger and simply accept the present reality. We must include our wants and needs within our relationships or partnerships, not just consider the needs of the other. For things to be truly fair and balanced, we must consider ourselves. We must also check ourselves first and own up to our own foolishness or simply our process of growing. Venus opposite Uranus Brings sudden shifts and shocks in partnerships. We may be abruptly called to let go, for better opportunities to be presented. Some may be called to take a deeper look into a friend who may be a better fit. Some are called to accept seasons and temporary connections with relationships.


Sun sextile Jupiter Has us moving into our new directions with ease, acceptance, and confidence. We’re optimistic about the new connections we’ve made and feel that the journey ahead is the right one. We rise to our true sense of leadership and get excited to express it creatively. Mercury Rx(shadow phase) sextile


Saturn Will have us taking a deep look at ourselves. This energy will drive us to deepen our minds on our purpose.

It has us sitting in the directors chair of our lives. We’re called not to simply put things in the world just to have something to say, this is how we burn ourselves out. We must take our time with things if we want what we do or say to create an impact. Mercury Rx(shadow phase) trine Neptune We’re called to look at the messages we received from dreams or the psychic realms from a deeper perspective.


Things that felt unfair, that could make us feel isolated or like victims could actually be granting us the things we’ve always wanted. Unfortunate situations can turn out to be monetarily rewarding. The next two weeks will be powerful. Deep thinking helps us make better decisions. Matters involving sex, death, insurance policies, the psychological mind, rebirth and renewal, power, control, jealousy, debts, mysteries and magic will be major themes, diving us into deep introspection.To get deeper insight on how these planetary energies will affect you, DM me or send me an email. Check out my website.                Kateria Knows

Whew thank the Heavens Mercury is finally in Libra. Although Mercury loves being in it’s home sign Virgo, it’s a breath of fresh air in Libra. Mercury in Virgo has had us stressed, caught up with all the little things, and unceasingly chasing perfection.

Mercury will square Saturn in Capricorn, bringing some friction to thoughts, commitments, and communications. Be diligent and patient with making decisions.

Mercury in Libra brings peace of mind. Our thoughts are more calm and balanced under this planetary influence. Giving and receiving information is more fluid and easy going. We’re more diplomatic and understanding of others during this cycle.

Partnered up or single, Mercury in Libra amplifies flirty vibes. There may be talks of marriage and commitment, as we move into cupcaking season. Cuddle season is Libra season. Libra is all about balance, relationships and partnerships. As it gets cold, we want someone to settle and cuddle with.

Now that Mercury is in Libra, it’s time to beautify your environment. Take a walk with a flirty buddy and enjoy the vibes. Talking with others brings exciting new ideas or even collaborations.

We’re better judges and are judged more fairly under this alignment. We will hear positive things happening with the “justice system”. Mercury in Libra aligns our minds with the 42 principles of Ma’at.

Take this time to listen and express. Mercury in Libra allows our thoughts to become more whole, through sharing with others. We will see that the way we communicate (speak and write) makes us beautiful, and opt for more pleasant tones, fonts, colors, and words.

- Kateria Knows

The Aquarian Age and Quantum Computing

By Ascorpio

“…in front of Wall Street and the financial district in New York, we have the presence of the Wall Street Bull! (Taurus)”


This probably sounds like a very intimidating subject, but I assure you that it’s not.  Think about the Jetson’s long ago as a cartoon and look 30 years later.  Remember Knight Rider and KITT?  Shortly thereafter we had talking cars, but look now, we have automated cars about to go on the market massively.  Those were all huge leaps in technology, which is ruled by Aquarius and Uranus. 

While those were leaps, Quantum Computing makes technological leaps like traveling deep space, transporting and being in multiple places at once (assisted with technology), a common conscious reality at the maximum-- to 3D printing, common knowledge in robotics or simply shredding the popular definition of what normal is at the minimum.  Quantum computing is going to change the way we think daily and the way that we exist.   Both the highs and lows become extreme and pioneering.  A precursor to what’s coming are examples like Aquarian Galileo, as Shango shakes up the earth by a mere mumble.

Now days, we are sometimes guilty of only looking at Aquarius from a Uranian Rulership.  However, we must equally look at and never forget the Saturn connection to Aquarius.  Though extreme, Aquarius is not a destructive “just to be reckless” vibration.  When it tears down structures and ideals, it does so to replace them with what it views as more advanced structures and ideals.

Aquarius is the air that gives life to water; it is the same air that gives fire longevity.  It is the logic in watery emotions, and it is the Aspiration in our Passions.  The Aquarian Age is preparing the technology (mind and tools) for a civil structure that becomes very disciplined.  Although this kingdom will not be solidified until the Capricornian Age, the wiring and technological topography is being laid out now in this Air age of Aquarius.  Following transit Uranus through the signs will give indications of areas that will be affected as we travel on our journey.  As mentioned before, we must equally follow the transit patterns of Saturn.

Uranus current placement in Taurus speak towards the value system (which includes the financial systems) being developed in a manner that will continue to provide building material for the next age to come.  Each time until the next age that Uranus goes over the Taurus point, these matters will receive additional layers of clothing until perfected (for the Capricornian age).  [No worries, we have over 2,000 years to get ready] 

We learn cycles by studying the past occurrences.  Let’s look at the last time Uranus was in Taurus and what took place:  1934 is our working year. 

Adolph Hitler assumes the role of Fuhrer and Chancellor of Germany.  The argument he used was a greatly about the financial institutions.

Gold Reserve Act of 1934 enacted by Franklin D. Roosevelt (This made owning gold restricted and illegal to a degree up until roughly 1974)

Securities Exchange Commission Act (SEC) (Monitor and controlling the markets)

Great Depression hits rock bottom in the United States

First major strike recorded in the US

John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson are famous Bank Robbers and it comes to a head.


While in the same spirit, today we see the financial system in Britain undergoing a major change in leaving the EU and other recurring examples, I think the advances and disruptions are more in the area of establishing our values in how and what we pay for our technological usage.  (Reminder, in front of Wall Street and in the financial district in New York, we have the presence of the Wall Street Bull! [Taurus]) Once Uranus moves into Gemini, we will see rapid advancements in the fruits of Quantum Computing.


For those who are responsible for technological security, now is the time to begin preparing for the encryptions the will be rendered meaningless in the Quantum Computing era.

Ceres Retrograde


From 4/9/19-7/17/19 Ceres is Rx in Sagittarius. This cycle will bring out the motherly nature within all of us. With it being retrograde it puts a focus on us mothering and nurturing ourselves. Emotions can erupt at this time, and could be quite explosive. Sometimes this energy could make us desire to destroy and tear everything down in order to get things in order. Tune in to the wisdom of the cosmic mother. Use your wise mind to discern your emotions. This cycle favors family vacations, matters involving family and spirituality, and school. Taking time away from school to tend to your own emotional wellness is favored. Knowing what you need to do to parent and nurture yourself is the call.

-Kateria Knows

New Moon in Aries 4/4/19

Time for action! The New Moon in Aries is an excellent time initiate the things you’ve been planning to get started on. Clear your mind and focus on your true intent and desires. Let go and forgive so that you can stride forward. Begin new exercise regimens. If you do not exercise already this is a great time to start. Organize your space, organize your thoughts so that everything is crystal clear to the Universe and yourself. Get started and plan ahead on any new projects, or even plan ahead financially. Be passionate, courageous and bold. The shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde is still in effect, so be cautious and tactful as you move forward. Also, Saturn is squaring this New Moon, so apply patience to all that you do. Remember to act in the name of love and kindness so that abundance will welcome you and miracles bless you. -Kateria Knows


Contingent upon which sign the retrograde is traveling through, we will, in general, adopt the characteristics of that sign during the retrograde period. Pisces people generally depend on their feelings to make decisions and only once in a while make use of certainties and rationale. Pisces Mercury is filling our thoughts with our emotions and having Mercury retrograde through Pisces is dismissing our capacity to depend on logic for answers and we are looking inside ourselves for the appropriate responses we need.


Pisces is a Sign that represents fantasy and trickery. Amid this Pisces Mercury Retrograde, we shouldn't be concentrating on errands that require serious mental concentration, as the Pisces Retrograde will make us see things as a fantasy instead of a reality. Reality is being twisted by a blend of puzzling feelings. We find ourselves lost our contemplations all the more regularly amid this time, and we are investing a great deal of energy into self-reflection in order to work through feelings and internal clashes we have been suppressing for quite a while.


We are the ultimate absent-minded, scatterbrained daydreamers during this time. We should avoid studies as our minds will not retain as much data as it ordinarily does. Our instincts, senses and the information we learn is more spiritually and metaphysically related. Many of us will encounter our internal hidden feelings, and we are more receptive this. We are reacting emotionally to circumstances and are enabling ourselves to feel feelings that we have not felt in quite a while, and we do require a great deal of mental space and quiet time to work through this. Abstain from taking on an excessive amount of duty as this isn't the ideal time.


The manner in which we talk and start discussions is different, and we have a greater feeling of comprehension of other individuals' perspectives and convictions. The otherworldly and spiritual energies and impacts are at an unsurpassed high. Focusing on our fantasies bring us guidance and direction. Our brains are more disposed to be open to the energies around us, and we are progressively responsive to unpredictable subjects. Supernatural and otherworldly subjects are coming to light and we have an unexpected enthusiasm to learn more.


This Mercury retrograde is forcing us to face our internal, guarded side and to reconnect with our true self. It is uncovering the covered up, and we are compelled to address it. A deeper spiritual understanding is apparent to us, and we are currently achieving a dimension of increased understanding inside ourselves.


Our fantasies are very clear to us, and we are inclined to dream more. Having Mercury retrograde in Pisces implies that we are presented to every one of the features of our inner mind, and we may be considering thoughts and ideas that are so eccentric, even to the point where we can't understand it. We are certainly observing and comprehending things that we never could. Our instincts are solid, and we have "emotions" about specific individuals and circumstances that show us there is something more to what we are observing in the physical sense. -Kateria Knows

Mercury Retrograde March 2019


The planet that governs our minds and thoughts is in retrograde currently from March 6 to March 29, 2019. This Retrograde is happening in the feminine sign, Pisces.


Mercury manages over a wide range of correspondence. It is what is in charge of our scientific reasoning, points of view and exceptional thoughts and how we communicate. During this Mercury retrograde, every one of the things Mercury is in charge of is being tossed out of order, and we are experiencing a troublesome time with our contemplations and could be battling corresponding with others. 

Full Moon in Libra


One of the exciting ways to set a particular target and maximize the full potentials of the Moon is by closely monitoring its cycles. Energy starts developing at the New Moon and climaxes some weeks later when the Moon is full.


Knowledge about the Moon cycle has also helped in agricultural practices. In so many climes, farmers do plant crops when the Moon is new and harvest when the Moon is full. It is also possible that we draw some strength from the Moon for our own lives too.


Generally, the span between New and Full Moons is about six months with each new month having a unique Zodiac sign. Thereafter, a Full Moon surfaces in the bearing similar Zodiac sign.


New Moon symbolizes commencements and is the ideal time to initiate any new project or work. Set the ground for what one intended to come through in the next six months. New Moon generally supports new beginnings.


The Full Moon of March 20th is one of the most influential Moon of the year. Happening proximal to the earth and on the 20th, in Tropical Libra/ Sidereal Virgo, this is the time to release toxic connections and habits. This Full Moon is bringing in the Spring Equinox, the start of the New Kemetic year.


The Libra Full Moon will certainly help us in finding balance in our relationships and lives. Time to clean and feng shui our homes. Get rid of the things you have from past relationships and people you no longer deal with. Clear out the clutter in your mind from thoughts and ideas of others that don’t resonate with you and your future.


Learn to ask for help when you need it most, yet, take care of the things you know you can do yourself. Don’t rely on superficial things to give you the truth, rely on your own truth, practicality and wisdom you’ve obtained through your personal experiences. It’s time to amp up your productivity and get healthy in all avenues of your life.


Don’t expect things to be fair, this will slow you down and cause you to blame others, when you are the creator of your existence. You get what you put in and you get what you pay for. You only cheat yourself when you don’t give your all. And this is what’s fair, although it may not be perceived, initially, yet it is.


Peradventure you suddenly notice a change in your ways or you start having a different perspective on things that strongly influence your core values, attitudes, and aspirations. We are constantly made weak by the daily vicissitudes of life such that we’re drawn to different directions. Some of them might be challenging though, but, we consistently need to believe in the power of our weaknesses to edify us, bare our minds and grow the more. Even though the human mind might conceive something as undesirable or frustrating, our souls can merry in the important lessons we get to have about them, the emotional feel and the life wisdom that such experiences give.


When we see the world in another perspective, our inner mind gives us a different perspective which enables us to see way farther than our egos.


The illumination that the Libra Full Moon will offer will be great, and the strength of its energy will be so massive and evident upon all Looking at the world through our higher mind definitely gives us a new perspective, and allows us to see beyond our own egos. The light of this Full Moon is going to be so strong, and the pull of its energy is going to be intense that we will have no other choice but to open up.


Use the energy of this Moon to stand firm on what you want. Don’t accept nonsense from yourself, nor others. Learn to be peaceful, yet stand your ground. Become clear direct on your path to creating the life you desire. -Kateria Knows

Total Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon in Leo

Connect to the all creative source of life. Express your truth. Take a stance against injustice. Check yourself before the Universe does. Let go of your immature expressions and expectations.

See all as reflections of you. Embrace the ideas of others. Know that you don’t have to fight this fight alone. Be happy when you see ideas that you have manifest through others. You may not get the credit, but, at least the work is getting done.

Tie up loose ends around your creative pursuits. Express your inner child. Activate your generous side with an open heart. Tell others you love them, and that you’re proud of them.

Know that the best leaders first learn to follow, to understand all positions. Exercise your ideas and go against the norms. Know that the current state of society is changing with your influence.

Be bold, be loyal, be courageous, be love. All is divine. Get ready for the new wave of consciousness.

Major weather changes and revolutionary things will be taking place in the next couple of weeks. It’s time for true leaders to rise and false leaders to fall!

This Eclipse affects children, fathers, and leaders more than anyone. -Kateria Knows

First Quarter Moon

Don’t be dumb, This First Quarter Moon is in the sign of Aries, it could bring a strong feeling of passion and drive, also aggravation. This Moon infuses us with energy to tackle tasks. It calls you to find your voice, despite others opinions.

With Mars and Uranus being activated by this Moon, it’s likely we’ll hear about matters regarding police having erratic behavior. We may also hear of a rebellious group of people, revolutionary acts, humanitarian risks or crisis, riots or violence. We are responsible for our own actions, despite any groups we’re associated with.

Barbers, surgeons, army men, leaders, activists, martial artists, really, celebrities, men in general will be awakened by this Moon, for a blessin’ or a lesson. Many men are going to take a stance on wrongdoings done to women and in this world overall.

Blood, brain, Blood transfusions, strokes, suicide, murder, fights, war are matters of concern with this Moon.

This Moon could influence chaos on the home front, or in the family. Emotions are strong, but, short lived.

Use this Moon’s energy to recalibrate your mood and emotions. Become “me focused” in a strong, responsible way. Reaching your goals in life is all up to you. Take radical action to fulfill your desires. Rebel against the system of social “norms”. Realize that everyone is an individual, despite having friends or family. When you recognize this fact, you won’t feel so alone. -Kateria Knows

Happy Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! 1/5/19


This New Moon is bringing intense focused energy to go after our goals.

There are so many things taking place Astrologically right now. There are 7 planets in cardinal signs, so this time signifies new beginnings and initiatives.

Pluto is conjunct this Eclipse brining exposure sexual predators, such as the R. Kelly ordeal. The Full Moon in Cancer ignited the women truly speak out and release the docuseries on the matter.

We will be hearing more about this in the coming weeks, more women will discuss how they were children when they started dealing with him. It’s highly likely that he will speak on his own sexual traumas from childhood. R. Kelly is a Capricorn himself so this eclipse is directly affecting him. He will be brought down and brought to justice on these allegations. 

It’s very likely that we will here about famous people or people in power being exposed for abusing their power in various ways. Judgement day is truly here.Sex, murder, power, control, manipulation, death, suicide, fame, new positions of power, status, sustainability, productivity, discrimination, prostitution, gold diggers, secrets, secret societies, big business, terrorist threats, acts of violence, government, are themes that will be addressed with this Eclipse, some things will come to a culmination with the total Lunar Eclipse that’s taking place on the 21st.


We’ll be hearing about these matters and how children are victims of them. The Cyntonia Brown case will also receive more recognition from people, especially celebrities or people in positions of power.The death of someone famous or in the position of power may be heard, if not now, then certainly around July 16th.This Partial Eclipse is why the government is “partially” shutdown.


Overall this Eclipse wants us to find new ways of demonstrating power and control in our lives in more ways than one. We need to gain better control of our minds and renew our outlook on life. It’s essential that we learn to live in the moment, but to do so fiercely.This Eclipse is pointing out to us what is truly important and what we must prioritize in our lives. We’re developing habits of consistency that will inevitably lead to our success.This Eclipse is making semi-squares to Mars and Uranus, so many people will feel as though they hit a plateau or are not seeing results of actions put forth.


There will be fights and arguments stemming from power struggles. Arguments about money is also a probability. Many people will be pulled to act without listening. They will learn a harsh lesson about listening more actively.Mars in Aries got us “me” focused and driven to attain major life changing goals, especially those goals that are embedded around our careers and future.Be mindful of distractions, they will be at an all time high this month. Also, there are some things that look too good to be true, and they likely are. Some people will choose to turn a blind eye to what’s going on in the world out of fear, some will do it for the sake of metaphysics.Some deceptions and myths will be uncovered. There’s a strong desire to break free from captivity, whether figuratively or physically.Time to own up to responsibilities. Use practical steps to climb out the matrix. Become career and goal oriented. Fight back against those who try to use or control you. Govern your own life.Book a private session with me to know how it will affect you.

-Kateria Knows

Androgyny will take precedence in sexual attraction, from 2024-2043.

Pluto in Scorpio generation will find this hard to deal with. That’s when they’ll realize they’re getting older. 

People who are very different, unique, even people with certain handicaps will be deemed sexy. We’ll be done with the status quo of beauty standards and sexual attraction. -Kateria Knows

This Moon will bring on sudden change and surprises. We will be called to realign our initial intentions we set at the time of the Solar Eclipse, on the 5th. Many will see their first signs of growth on their intentions set.

Did you start or renew your business? Did you get going on a new fitness plan or regimen? Is there a new focus in your life? New relationship? Whatever it may be you will see results of what you’ve been working on or planting, this weekend. Don’t be surprised if you’re called to review and revise things.

First Quarter Moons can bring tension and uproar. They are calls to action, deliberate, focus, clear, and calculated actions.

We’re under the energy of the Cancer Full Moon for the next 17 months. 

Creating blissful memories and traditions is what the Universe is calling for us to do. 

Vibe with family, let down your guard and express love fully.


Show that you care! 

Emotions run high with this cycle. Be sympathetic, listen with your heart. 

The Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd has brought awareness to our emotional needs. The question of what we need to feel secure in our families and romantic connections has come to the surface.


Are your needs being met? What is it that you need to be fulfilled? 

We’re tuning into our inner selves to connect to what we are feeling and assessing what is necessary and true. Are your feelings coming from self, or others? Are you allowing societal views to curve your feelings?


This Full Moon calls for us to find and establish balance between business and home life. 

We reflect on our status in the world and in our families. We realign to what’s truly important, despite desires of the ego.


This Full Moon  allows us to release the past in a healthy, harmonious way, whilst learning from it.

The 25th signifies another year to accomplish our goals. We will not successfully do so without releasing regrets from past mistakes. This Moon grants us this opportunity.


Feel everything that you’re feeling. Be real, express your thoughts and deeper emotions. Tell your loved ones how they make you feel. Allow yourself to cry and be vulnerable. Seek comfort at this time. Give love receive love. Your soul will thank you for it.


This New Year, 2019, take it upon yourself to learn about your family lineage and ancestry. See what you must heal that’s in your DNA, see what you must activate or resurrect.


Connect to the roots of your emotional body, address any feelings of neglect or abandonment. Forgive, Love and honor your Mother. See the parts of her that are reflected in you. Release the negative traits through honest examination. 

Let go of poor eating habits. Pluck out that sweet tooth(figuratively). Learn to be hospitable, provide comfort and warm hugs to loved ones. Beautify your home. How secure are you in your reality? Learn to flow.

-Kateria Knows 

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